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Decks & Screened Porches

Decks and screened porches are not only an easy way to increase the footprint of your home, but also add beauty, value and a peaceful getaway right in your own backyard. That's hard to beat!

Things to Remember When Adding a Deck or Screened Porch

The first thing to consider when getting ready to start a deck or porch project is the purpose of the space. What will the space primarily be used for? Will you be entertaining guests for weekend barbecues, and, if so, how many guests are you likely to have on a regular basis? More guests mean more weight, and more weight means greater support requirements. Or, maybe you'd like to use the space as a play area for your children. If so, there are other things you may want to consider, such as adding a gate to prevent small children from falling down stairs. Whatever the purpose, you should think it through before beginning the actual building process.

The next thing to decide is location. Remember, you'll need to be able to access your deck or porch, so if there isn't a doorway in that location now, you may need to add one in order to place the deck in that location. Landscaping may also come into play. For instance, you may need to remove some trees in order to fit the deck or porch in the desired location.

Call us today and let us help you create the perfect space to get the most out of your project. We can advise you on the best location, materials, etc. to optimize your new deck for its intended purpose.

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